"concrete twin" are


"concrete twin"


not only shoegazers and post rocks understand various sounds with their own ideas, and make unique view of the world with their own sounds. Also, the live performance that builds passion is overwhelming what you see. Sometimes like violent, sometimes quiet calm sea. Invite drunkenness, tremendous sound pressure and huge guitar noise. And a group that keeps showing daydreams in ambiguous songs whose meaning is dissolved and melted.

 "concrete twin"



okada....guitar & vocal 

Fumio Riverfield....bass(2018 in)

tsuyoshi maeda...drum(support)


Official twitter...https://twitter.com/concrete_twin4 @concrete_twin4

Official FACE BOOK...https://www.facebook.com/c.t.Okada/

Official Istagram...concrete_twin


concrete twin live sound

I thought that I will no cry,If I become an adult.